There is no distance between us. Just some small acts will suffice to make us feel being part of the whole. That everything is being called one. Let's witness the good ! The examples are endless, they are like a silent forest that grows ... It makes no noise, but it is pure power. Lao Tzu has said "a falling tree makes more noise than a forest that grows".

Kriyananda's ideal community

Swami Kriyananda

Imagine a city - a beautiful city, such as a City of Tomorrow ought to be.

Imagine small residential areas within the city, each surrounded by beautiful parkland for its residents’ enjoyment.

Imagine beautiful, expansive vistas wherever you feast your eyes—distant hills and valleys, nearby meadows, trees, and flowers.

Imagine shops where the keynote is friendship; where the salespeople think in terms of giving to the customers instead of taking from them.

Imagine farm and dairy land not struggling for lonely, competitive survival, but ownership of them shared by all, and a vital part of the life of everyone.

Imagine a community of people who know how to cooperate joyfully together, with kindness in their hearts for one another, and for all those whom their lives touch.

Imagine a city with schools that teach children the art of living, along with the standard offerings of academia; schools that teach them the meaning of success in human, and not in merely economic, terms; schools that teach them how to attract success, how to concentrate, how to overcome their negative moods, how to get along with others and how to be happy!

Imagine a place where people’s hearts are simple, without selfish motive; where the residents sincerely love truth and God, and strive to see God equally in all mankind.

“Such a place,” perhaps you’ll say, “may be imaginable. But is it possible?”

It is possible, for such a place exists!

The community now in existence is called Ananda World Brotherhood Village. Ananda World Brotherhood Village is situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills of northern California. It lets imagine a surprising chance for the Humanity of our time.

“not only those who are here, but thousands of youths must go to cover the earth with little colonies, demonstrating that simplicity of living plus high thinking leads to the greatest happiness!”

Often have I felt Master’s smile in my heart on seeing his “world brotherhood colony” dream become a material reality. His blessings on the land — an almost tangible aura of peace — are felt by everyone who comes here.  […] Thousands in America and abroad find in Ananda’s example the inspiration, and also the practical direction, for spiritualizing their own lives. This, indeed, is the broader purpose of cooperative spiritual communities. […]

Thus, Ananda — now in its fortieth year of existence — already provides people in many parts of the world with a sense of spiritual family, a sense which serves them as a bulwark in times of trial, and gives them encouragement and shared inspiration in times of joy

Often, as I stand and gaze out over the green fields, woods, and rolling hills at Ananda, I am reminded of a poem I wrote in Charleston, South Carolina, not long before I came to Master. Since then I have set it in the legendary golden era of Lord Rama, whose kingdom of Ayodhya, in ancient India, was a place of universal harmony, peace, and brotherhood. Thus may all men learn to live in peace, brotherhood, and harmony, wherever their paths lead outwardly. For now, as then, true, divine peace is possible only when people place God and spiritual values first in their lives.

June in Ayodhya

Listen! Fair June is humming in the air, and Ram’s Ayodhya sings of lasting peace. The growing grass nods heavy to the wind, patient till cutting time

Men’s hearts are strong with that perfected strength, that smiles at fences, lays aside old hates, seems drawn to virtue, like a public saint. The women’s words are soft with kindliness; the children answer with humility; even the men are like so many fawns, modest and still, sweet with complete respect.

Such harmony flows everywhere when men, with grateful hearts, offer their works to God. Then brotherhood needs no enforcing laws, no parliaments, no treaties sealed in fear:

True peace is theirs to whom the Lord is near.