There is no distance between us. Just some small acts will suffice to make us feel being part of the whole. That everything is being called one. Let's witness the good ! The examples are endless, they are like a silent forest that grows ... It makes no noise, but it is pure power. Lao Tzu has said "a falling tree makes more noise than a forest that grows".

Small Good Deeds

Small Good Deeds For Any Day ("SGDAD")

It simply just happened  to me.... I suddenly felt it would be nice to invite  a couple of unkown persons  at the counter for a cup of coffee, and  ask the bar tender to “please tell them that someone is going to pay for their coffee, and to just wish them a pleasant day”.


just offer some change to the driver who is searching his pocket for parking coins

Or simply…

get two bottles of cold water for two workers who are plucking  grass from a flowerbed under the burning sun in August

And please…

lenghten this list of SGDAD -  and no one will feel alone anymore.