There is no distance between us. Just some small acts will suffice to make us feel being part of the whole. That everything is being called one. Let's witness the good ! The examples are endless, they are like a silent forest that grows ... It makes no noise, but it is pure power. Lao Tzu has said "a falling tree makes more noise than a forest that grows".

Together for Africa








My name is Laura and I love Africa

I can't even remember when I  started to fall in love with Africa… Ever since I was a child, year after year, I felt how  a very close connection with this land kept building up… and that proved to be contagious to my son Jacopo, who developed a penchant  to Africa  similar to the one I have.

Africa..... I love to 'inhale' it and to paint it, to depict it with colors, thoughts, and emotions, with all its poverty and sickness, its smiles and pains. My portrayals are being exhibited  in Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa, and I was always present at these exhibitions. On the occasion, I met many people of this land, and it was quite often a rather painful encounter. It made me feel ever so helpless when I became  aware  of the real needs of people who appeared to be in  no way involved with, and seemed to have little access to, our wishes and fancies.

It was just during one of my last flights back to Italy that I happened to sit near a man who is building schools and hospitals for  handicapped African children in the south of Kenya. He'd been doing this already for a long time. This man told me "you know, Laura, I believe that, whatever I’m doing, it is never enough, so I've stopped to cogitate about it. I'm just trying to help them as much as I can, I open my heart, I feel myself useful, and I’m happy.”

These words sank into my innermost, and I developed  a strong feeling  that now, as my son has grown, I shall also dedicate myself to my Africa.





There is a tiny island, called  Lamu, just in front of Malindi in Kenia. The island is home to an orphanage ( which I  had visited this summer, and I saw with my own eyes  how lucky we are to be so well off…They are missing most everything. Food, medication, assistance, moral support, clothes, amusements, affection. Most everything we're taking for granted is falling short there.

There are close to 250 orphans in the center. They were smiling at me, opening their hearts. My desire to help them immediately was overwhelming, and this is the reason why I’m writing to you now: Those kids are in dire need of my help -  and yours.









The young medical staff of the orphanage told me that they are short, i.a., of equipment for cardiac treatments and oxygen. Likewise, they lack many important medicaments.

 I saw five children, between two and four years old, gaunt and sick. Two of them will likely not survive due to the lack of oxygen; these little children were dying in their mothers’ arms.

When I saw those eyes full of pain (not the impatience that our teenagers show, as they are craving for the latest mobile phone, but the pain caused from the impending loss of life  because the oxygen available will suffice just  for the one in the nearby folding bed), a true pain made me  cry of indignation, and I said to myself: “No! Such misery I cannot accept! "

I want to do my best, with your help and the help of my French friends who I met there, to establish hospital facility in Lamu orphanage. This shall be much  better equipped in order to reduce the rate of mortality, now way too high, by making available the necessary medical equipment and sorely needed medication.

Here a short outline of my project: I will personally take charge to buy medicines and equipment for the hospital, and I will fly to Africa on December 18th, 2013, taking with me what I’ve bought.

Any contribution you may wish to make is highly welcome, even if you can spare just a few euros.

My bank accounting details are:

BANCA INTESA S.PAOLO, COD 355, Agenzia di Milano  
Beneficiary: Laura Vizzardi
IBAN: IT04N0306901605100000019463
Ref.: Orfanatrofio Lamu


Many of you have received this message from someone else, so you might not know me, but please don’t let this keep us apart. Together we really can achieve something, and should you wish you call me, I shall never be a stranger to you ! My mobile number is: 0039 348 35 49 524, my e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the people who have passed this letter on to you, would never have done it were they not sure about my being honest.

Please also don’t miss to send me your email address so I can keep you updated on what we will do together..... It is wonderful to be connected to spread smiles.

Thank you!









I am back again! I stayed in Kenya for two and half months and when I arrived there, on December 21st , I was pleased by the new that the two respiratory, purchased with your help, were already at the hospital in Anidan, the orphanage of Lamu.

My arrival was greeted by the smiles of the children and the 250 people employed in the hospital. Thank you very much on behalf of all of them! We and you, together, have contributed to save lives.

I knew a pediatrician in Padua and I convinced him to go there to teach young doctors in Anidan; it is wonderful the feeling to be part of an orchestra, where each of us plays his/her own instrument!

I’ve also been asked to teach the children to paint and I did it! It was a great emotion. The children's eyes , smeared with colors, were spreading joy and love. I’ve rarely seen children so free and sunny.

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Few Euros from so many people are drops that become a river, a lake, an ocean .

Now we must buy an incubator, an equipment for the heart and an other one for blood tests. Please help me!