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Cellular Phone is dangerous?




Skudo®Wave is an accessory protection device for appliances which emit low and medium electromagnetic fields (up to 0.2 micro- Tesla of magnetic induction and up to 100 V/m of electromagnetic field at all frequencies), reducing the risk of biological damage to the DNA which can occur with the prolonged use of cell phones as ascertained by the Department of Public Health, University of Perugia (Italy). The advanced technology of the product and its qualities have also been the subject of a Degree dissertation at the Department of Medicine of Siena University.

senzasq1 Without Skudo®Wave 
cons1With Skudo®Wave 

Skudo®Wave is a filter that inside the equipment, operates at subatomic level by correcting the interference generated by the altered energy state of the electrons that make up the equipment, altered state due to the energy induced by the battery inserted into of the phone. The vibratory effect of this energy in fact causes the emission of photons which, in contact with the head of the user, may cause an ailment such as to cause even a biological damage to DNA. The product is proven scientifically, and works to greatly reduce this phenomenon by inducing a change in “spintronics” which leads to an emission of photons more compatible with the human body, resulting in a significant reduction in the risk of biological damage. The protective action of  Skudo®Wave is also effective on all electrical and/or electronic appliances that emit low-medium electromagnetic fields (computers, TVs, kitchen household appliances, video games, video terminals, Wi-Fi systems, etc.).  Once the film in contact with the adhesive part has been removed, Skudo®Wave can be fitted as preferred on the phone. One device per cell phone will suffice.  Skudo®Wave requires no maintenance or cleaning; in case of its becoming detached from the appliance, it can be reattached using any adhesive glue without impairing its effectiveness in any way.
 NOTE: at the end of its life cycle (2 years from the application on the device), can be disposed of just like any other solid household waste.


The use of mobile phones and wireless devices increases the risk of cancer? The answer to the doubt comes from a really authoritative source: the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organization. Security issues in the long-term use of cell phones and other wireless devices and electronic, are making news in the world. Numerous scientific studies have shown an increased risk of health problems related to exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Skudo®Wave is the solution. Skudo®Wave is safe. Skudo®Wave is easy to use. Skudo®Wave is efficient. 

Skudo®Wave consists of an adhesive resin plate with inner nanoprocessor. Skudo®Wave does not weaken the signal of the cell phone, does not produce electromagnetic emissions and does not interfere with the performance of the device to which it is fitted.