Aphorisms, songs, poetry ... let beauty take over the world.

The world is our shadow .
Salvatore Brizzi

An exercise is to get naked in front of the mirror and see yourself beautiful.


Try it at least once. You stand in front of the mirror, you look at yourself and just see how you feel. Because the way you feel it is how the others see you, so if you feel well, you postively think of yourself and you love yourself in front of a mirror while you are naked, the others cannot do otherwise. I am using the expression "they cannot do otherwise" because the reality is forced to follow you.

External reality does not have its own will. Its misleading the idea that the world outside of me has its own will and it strikes me whenever it wants. The external reality is just an extension of my psychology, so it cannot re-act to what I am and how I change.
This is not a philosophy, but it's just the way this world is made, this Matrix , this colorful hologram.

The outside world, the well-recognized others, it never takes action, but merely react to what happens to me, even if most of the time I do it unconsciously, so I never know what will happen to me tomorrow. No matter if I can or I cannot predict my future, it is certain that the world can only re-act to what I am inside. If I change, the world changes accordingly.

If I’m feeling guilty, I meet someone who behaves in such a way to let this feeling coming out. If you are harboring the anger inside of you, you meet someone who lets this feeling coming out.
Depending on what I have to solve on a psychological level, different people come into my life. These people change or disappear when I’ve solved the problem, and then other people will come.

The world is our shadow .
Salvatore Brizzi - The sacred sexuality