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when you stop resisting - Piercarlo Romeo


when you stop resisting
Whenever you can imagine or see something different than before, you are looking at a new opportunity.
The act of observing a different possibility is the result of an internal change where you're no more giving attention to the problem, but you're giving attention to the solution.
If we take away "our resistance", then change will also become outward.
Because the resistance place us in a mental state where we are hindering the free flow of creative processes and we are again giving attention to the problem.
Every time we give attention to something, then it grows and evolves.
Every time we stop giving attention to something, then it decreases until it disappears.
If you continue to give attention to the problem, and everything allows its materialization, it will continue to stay in your life and grow.
When you stop resisting and you are focusing yourself on solutions, then your materialization will be different.
Have you ever known someone who looked for a certain goal but he failed to reach it and then, when he accepted the possibility to miss it, he took away his resistance, and then he was finally ready to achieve it?


Piercarlo Romeo